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  1. It is important for Members to be aware (please refer to our Terms & Conditions) that once a holiday offer has been ACCEPTED in our system, the member is obligated to remit payment and the holiday cannot be cancelled or changed.
  2. To ensure an enjoyable holiday, we ask that our members adhere to the standards of conduct set by the resort.
  3. Under no circumstance should guests contact the provider directly. Any unauthorized interaction with a Provider has the potential of damaging our existing and future contracts. For any questions or concerns regarding your reservation, please call Gold Crown Resort at 1 (407) 977-1770 or email

    On the day of arrival, should you be unexpectedly delayed it is permitted for you to contact the resort front desk directly.
  4. As clearly out-lined in our Membership Agreement, memberships may consist of only husband and wife or significant other. A joint membership between family members or friends is not permitted.
  5. If a client has been added to the account, they will have equal rights to the membership and cannot be removed without written and signed authorization from that individual. This policy has been put in place to protect the interest of all parties on the account.
  6. Details of member accounts must remain confidential. Access to the Gold Crown Resort website is reserved for the member only and must never be provided to family or friends. Any bookings done on behalf of a Guest must be completed by the member.
  7. In order to offer the best service possible to all of our registered clients and to ensure our focus remains on the requests of our members, Guest holidays may only be booked using the INSTANT BOOKINGS section of the website. It is of the upmost importance that our members respect Gold Crown Resort staff members as any negative interaction prevents us from being able to provide proper service. Please refrain from using profanity and instead keep your communications professional and courteous as we'll always work to reach positive solutions to any member concern.
  8. Any action on the part of a member, either in person or in writing, which is deemed harmful to the reputation of Gold Crown Resort may result in the temporarily suspension of the membership.
  9. It is imperative that at all times the communication between members and Gold Crown Resort staff remain cordial and professional. In order to adequately service our member’s needs, it is necessary for us to develop a mutual spirit of cooperation.